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Nel Verhoeven | Invoerversie voor vertaling

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About the author

Nel Verhoeven (1961) is the dean of the Academy of Economy & Management and International Business School at the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Besides, Nel has a lot of experience supervising applied (and undergraduate) research, developing and teaching methods & statistics programs in higher education. Lastly she develops online tools for methods & statistics education. 

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You learn how to do research by practising a lot! This Doing research website helps you with this.


On this website, you'll find plenty of extra material, like:

- 'test your knowledge' questions;

- answers to questions in the book;

- an introduction to SPSS;

- a useful research tool which you can use to conduct your research project one step at a time.

Conducting research in phases using the research tool

Using the research toolyou can set up a complete research project and conduct it according to the phases in the book. For each phase, you can submit your work to your teacher and get feedback. This will make conducting research a lot more organised!

On this website, teachers will find the teacher's manual, PowerPoint presentation for each chapter, assessment tips and more information about how to use the research tool.

Dutch Edition

Reading guide


Where there are specific references to the website you'll see this icon in the book: 


Where there are specific references to the new 
research tool you'll see this icon in the book: